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Abortion Clinics In Modesto

abortion clinics in Modesto

FPA Women’s Health
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One of the safest and private abortion clinics In Modesto is Family Planning Associates Medical Group (Now FPA Women’s Health). “FPA” is a full service private medical practice that offers the latest in state of the art abortion methods. They have one location in the city of Modesto for patients’ convenience. To schedule an appointment you can email, call or use our website to make an appointment at any time and location that is most convenient for you.

The featured abortion clinic in Modesto are under the safe and private FPA Women’s Health. Established over 40 years ago, FPA is nationally accredited and recognized family planning and abortion service provider. These abortion clinics offer patients compassion, convenient and most importantly safe services from all their locations. They are dedicated to offering the highest quality care for women seeking to terminate pregnancies from 5 to 22 weeks. Their  friendly staff consists of caring professionals, certified doctors, gynecologists, registered nurses, and medical assistants dedicated to helping others. They schedule each patient privately, so there is minimal waiting time to see your doctor.

Privacy and confidentially are important to FPA, so you can be sure that your medical choices are not released to anyone for any reason. FPA clinics will not pass judgement, they are there to accommodate a woman’s difficult reproductive decision making process. There is no hidden agenda to persuade any woman one way or another. We all are all different; we all have different choices to make.

The following services are available at the abortion clinic in Modesto. FPA Women’s Health of Modesto offers:


To make sure you know all the data about the procedure you will be undergoing please check out the “What to Expect” section of our website. For some procedures an escort to the office is required to drive the patient home after the procedure.

It is important to schedule the appointment as soon as a decision is made to make the easiest options available to the patient. To ensure the speediest and safest recovery, do not delay in making the appointment once you are ready.